February 19, 2018

Is System Restore Similar to Backup

System restore can be directly added to your operating system or it could be purchased as a third party software. The former seems to be the case most times rather than the latter. When installing a new application on a server, there are options available to set restore points that you can revert to whenever something goes wrong. If you compare these systems restores with backup you will be surprised what the analysis will produce.

Striking Difference
To analyze the differences between these two concepts, we will evaluate the meaning of each process. A backup is creating copies of your files and storing them outside the system to prevent data loss. While system restore deals with the automatic setting of restore points that the operating system will return to if any fatal error occurs. So, within the backup procedure, files are saved to be restored, while the system restore saves system points to restore the operating system to in the event of an error. This means that one of them restores files while the other restores the system. To clarify these differences, here are the major points:

·         During system restore the points are stored within the computer’s hard drive to be used later. But the files saved from a backup process cannot be stored within the system; it is stored externally outside the computer.
·         The backup process when carried out fully restores all the files in the computer. However, all the files within the system might not be restored during system restore.
·         The operating system’s state is revived during a system restore, but backup process revives only files.
·         You can manually perform a backup, but the system restore processes are automatically performed by the computer’s operating system exclusively.

Discreet Similarities
The similarities between a system restore and backup are not much, because they are not interchangeable. One cannot be used in place of another; it will be a great error.  Here are the discreet similarities:

·         Automatic processes – the two concepts are both carried out automatically. For the system restore, the computer automatically creates restore points whenever something significant happens to the system. While a backup can be done automatically with the use of special backup software. This is the case most of the time with backup.

·         Retrieval of lost data – the two procedures are similar in the sense that they are both used for recovery. For system restore, it is focused on restoring the last perfectly working state of the operating system before any unexpected event occurred. On the other hand, backup is used to restore data back to its previous state to avoid data loss.

It is important to emphasis at this point that - even if the compared processes are similar they cannot be the same. So, you cannot use backup to perform system restore, neither can you use system restore as a means for backing up data.

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