February 19, 2018

An Introduction to Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Hosting

Microsoft hyper-v cloud hosting makes it possible for more than one cloud servers to be installed on one physical server hardware location. So with this technology, one server location can conveniently house different virtual servers with different operating systems installed. This is what makes dedicated server hosting available.
With hyper-v, for every new virtual server created, there are more system resources allocated, such as storage facilities, memory, and CPU. They are virtual dedicated cloud servers that can stand alone operating apart from other virtual dedicated cloud servers created within the same physical server location. Before going ahead to use this, you should consider the following:

Important Facts about Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Hosting
·         Security is guaranteed within this environment because core system functionalities are hidden from the outer layer. With the use of Windows Active Directory, server administrators are able to manage and provide administrative functions. In summary the hyper-v cloud hosting service is secure enough.
·         Hyper-v presents a cheaper option to other virtual machines technologies. There are some exceptions to those that wish to use the service partially.
·         It provides the best performance when compared to other VMs. This is as a result of its ability to handle perfectly the complex virtualization operations of very large organizations, all in a nicely packaged cost-effective solution.
·         It is very scalable in the sense that it freely accommodates the growth of companies. They are allowed to create and maintain are many virtual machines as possible to meet their growth level without extra cost.
·         If your company’s operation was window based, you will be able to easily transfer all window-based data to the new virtual cloud hosting environment that has built-in support for windows already. In this instance, you will not need to employ new administrators, since everyone within the organization are already familiar with the new cloud server environment.

Advantages of Hyper-V Cloud Hosting
·         The virtual machine solution is cheaper and proves to be the most cost-effective.
·         You do not have to shut down system during maintenance.
·         Many virtual machines can be created and run at once with separate memory and other system resources assigned.
·         You can easily move your window based operations to the hyper-v cloud hosting seamlessly. This is because all server administrators are already used to working with the windows active directory, making the transition very smooth and effective. This is a plus to all those already using windows.
·         Administrators can fine tune security settings to the highest Level so as to guarantee maximum data protection and security at all times
·         Backing up data has never been easier. This system ensures easy, safe and complete backup for all organizational data.

A lot has been said about the Microsoft Hyper-v cloud hosting solution. The concept behind the technology was explained, important features of the technology was also highlighted and discussed. At the end, the striking advantages of the VMware on the cloud solution were evaluated. Read the facts and make your choice.

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