February 19, 2018

4 Things to Ask Before Getting Backup Software

With backup software organizations are saved from serious dangers of data loss, and unfortunate events this can cause. This concept guarantees a secured path of freedom from the horrors of having to loose years of organizational data. With backup software, an exact copy of all business data is created and stored in secure location to prevent its loss. This is the comprehensive duplicate that has the data of commercial contracts, staff, customers, trades and procurements, and a duplicate of the entire data on the database.

If you do not have decent backup software it will be difficult to keep such enormous volume of information manually. You could stressfully go through this back in the far past when there were no automation in progress. But these days, no one wants to be patient anymore, everybody wants everything really very fast. So, we all need our backup done very fast as well. You need to ask yourself these 4 questions and clearly answer them before getting backup software.

Question 1 – Can the Software Compress Data Effectively?
The first question to ask is the capability of the backup software to handle data compression effectively. This is a very foundational concept that cannot be omitted since it has a lot to do with the amount of space required to keep large amount of data. When data is packed up into a small piece, the amount of space required to store is greatly reduces. It will eliminate the need to always increase backup data space.

Question 2 – Is the Data Securely Encrypted?
The next question will be to find out if the backup software supports encryption of data, if not there will be no need to go for it, as it will be very insecure. There should be mandatory encryption of all files collected before storing on the network. Hackers and other cyber thieves are not able to gain access to such records since they are tightly coded into this indecipherable format.

Question 3 – Can Backups Be Scheduled?
This third question is very essential as it will determine to a large extent the successful creation of up-to-date copies of backup. Offering a very time saving backup and recovery management tool for system administrators within the organization. With the help of a scheduler, they will be able to plan and schedule regular updates as often as new information are added to the firm’s database. It could be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Frequency of new data is the determining factor for the regularity of updates.

Question 4- Can it Backup Large Volumes?
You will finally need to enquire the volume of data it can keep. In other words does it use the volume feature?  This is used to break down large quantities into bits of smaller units that can then go through encryption before storage. Allowing the stress-free replication, encryption and storing of all data little by little, until completion.
If all the answer to these entire questions is “Yes”, then you have found the right backup software.

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