November 14, 2017

Why Dot Com Infoway Is The Best Solution For You

Dot Com Infoway is an award-winning IT company from India that provides IT outsourcing solutions to companies and individuals from all over the world. DCI provides cost-effective software solutions and internet marketing to large businesses and individual clients, meeting all requirements.
IT company
These are the main services offered by the company:
Mobile app marketing
Mobile app marketing is a complex promotion and consulting for developers and owners of mobile applications. The company offers solutions to attract users of the application and implement them in life. They provide marketing support at all key stages of the application life - from the pre-launch phase to the full PR support and administration of all paid advertising.
Internet marketing
The term "Internet marketing" is a unified process of researching and creating an internet strategy in relation to the desired goals and objectives.
A good online strategy provided by company gives you top-level results that are much more successful than the classic forms of marketing.
Whether you own an existing internet business that you want to make it more profitable, or you do business in a traditional way, and you realize that you need a strategy on the internet, or you just have the idea to start an online business – the company will help you.
Web development
Do you want a clean, sharp and professional web design that will adapt to the future growth of your business or organization? You found your answer. Your plans meet with the company’s passion for design and your ideas coincide with the unique, customized web design services of the company that transforms your vision into success.
The company is fluent in all these languages: CSS, HTML 5, PHP, JavaScript, Joomla, WordPress. They use these languages and systems to transform your ideas into live, modern and functional websites. When designing web pages, the company use the latest technologies to create an attractive interactivity and responsiveness of your website.
Mobile apps development
The company develops mobile applications for business, mobile solutions for electronic media, games, solutions for all platforms, social networks, and online stores. They also integrate mobile applications with a variety of social networks. In addition to the development, the company performs all related work, such as testing, support, and the publication of the app in the AppStore, GooglePlay, Windows store, etc.
If you need to adapt the business to an increasing number of Android devices, the company creates unique application solution for these devices. Whether it's an online presentation or an application, you can find the way to your customers in an easy and quick way.
If your clients or business needs require the orientation to the iPhone and IOS, the company’s team will do a perfect job with these types of applications.
Application development
The company does almost everything from coding simple web applications to creating complex internet systems.
When developing web pages for their clients, the company use the latest development toolsaligned with today's standards and trends. Using the latest technology, they help clients maximize the potentials of their projects, which ultimately reflects sales growth and increased brand exposure.

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