February 19, 2018

Important Facts about Computer Backup

Fast technological advancements calls for more regular backup of all data on our computer systems. Because with technological advancement comes some ills like malicious software that seeks to corrupt and destroy our files. It will be a safe practice to keep a backup copy of your system files such as important data files, pictures, movies and other useful information. This will prevent data loss as a result of a sudden system crash, virus attack and any other unexpected event. Ensure you have several copies of your backup in different locations to prevent loss. Before proceeding, it is vital to explain what computer backup means.

Definition of Computer Backup
Computer backup refers to the process of creating exact copies of all the files within your system and saving them in different locations. So, an efficient backup of your system will be to create at least two copies of all data present on the system. It does not just end there, you will have to keep this copies saved in two different places within two different devices.
It is a mistake to have your backup saved on your computer, if your system crashes, then that backup crashes and would be lost with other data as well. Keep your saved copies on other storage media outside like external drive or on cloud storage.

Types of Computer Backup
Creating regular backup is far better than recovering your data from a spoilt hard drive. This is because it is cost effective with less stress involved. However there are two major types of backups that can be done on a computer, the type you decide to use determines the means of recovery.

A Clone Backup - Bootable
This is a clone copy of the system’s hard drive. This is to create another copy of hard drive containing all the information in it. It is to be used in an occasion of hard drive crash. In this scenario all that would be required for recovery would be to fix the spare hard drive in the place of the originally damaged one, restart the system and life continues. It should be noted that a clone hard disk backup cannot serve you as long as the original. After making the clone copy of your hard disk, regularly update it at least once a week to add new files to it. This will ensure a current up-to-date clone backup is available in case something happens.

Cloud Backup
Cloud backup is the best thing that ever happened to computer history. It is the most reliable type of backup that can never be attacked by theft, loss, fire or any other problem. This is the process of making a clone of your system and storing in the cloud. To do this, you only have to go online and create an account, get the required software needed for the process. All other processes will be handled by the software and you are sure of constant automatic updates without stress. All that is needed is connection to the internet

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